Company profile

Jail Kft was set up in 1993 using exclusively own capital, and has been present in the Hungarian plastic industry ever since. We started off with the production and trading of plastic packaging solutions for the hungarian market and later developed ourselves towards the international market.
Our major profile is the production of plastic trays for the purpose of packaging mushroom, berries and other fruit. We have constantly been developing our company since the beginning, one of the new features is the production of flat films since 2009. The continuous technical developments and the expansion our products’ scale allowed us to meet the exact needs of our customers and reach out to further markets as well. We consider quality production and the fulfillment of customer needs as of high priority.
In order to provide the highest possible quality in our products, we make use of the best quality raw material. With the constant development of our technical facilities we keep up with the never ending progress of technology.
We offer:
  • Packaging soluions
  • Thermoforming and vacuum forming techniques
  • Plastic boxes and trays for the packaging of fruit, mushroom and vegetables.
  • Plastic trays and boxes for bakery and confectionery products
  • Plasctic trays for the packaging of meat and meat products
  • Flat film manufacture (PS , PP , PET )
Packaging solutions
Jail Kft has been active in packaging techniques for 17 years. We work with the technologies of thermoforming and vacuum forming. Our main profile is the production of non-recyclable plastic trays and boxes for the packaging of fruit, vegetables, mushroom, meat and meat products and bakery and confectionery products. The company has it’s TUV certificate since december 2004 (ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004). The regulations these certificates convey are stricktly followed during all stages of production.
We are glad to produce specific pieces for our customers’ specific needs.
You can contact us by email and phone or visit us at out site.


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